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Dealing with the Blues

People feel blue or feel down for many reasons. Sometimes beginning to feel better starts with a simple question and simple actions.  "What can I start doing today that would make me feel even a little bit better?" Sometimes this can be a more important question than trying to figure out "Why do I feel this way?"

It may seem obvious but we often forget to begin with the basics. Starting to feel better often starts with simple changes in your daily routine. Getting enough sleep; resting your mind; hydrating your body; eating foods that nourish you; moving your body in exercise; being in nature; connecting with loved ones; and activities that provide you with pleasure. These basics can be game-changers. But basic does not always mean easy. Almost everyone has trouble finding time to nourish themselves these days. Attending to your basics may mean that you must give up something else. These shifts often require reassessing your priorities.

"It takes courage to play in a world that does not play." - Fred Donaldson, American Author

Sometimes the basics have been neglected and thier importance has been minimized for so long that you find yourself in chronic state of dis-ease. It can be tempting to breeze past balancing out the basics and instead go off in search of some more complicated cure to your lack luster state. Consider starting with the basics and if what is bothering you is still hanging around, you will be in a solid place to deal with it. Keep in mind that with symptoms of depression, there can be an underlying medical condition, so having a doctor you trust and who really listens to you is important. And trust your inner voice - if what is going on feels really big then talk with your doctor or healthcare professional and develop a plan for what steps to take next.

A foundation of balance and health in your mind and body sets you up for success in doing deeper work, and smoothes the way for bigger changes.

What is one thing you can start doing today that would help you feel even a little bit better?